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Envelopments Metallic Cardstock 12” x 12”

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Color — Ametrine

Metallic cardstock. Shimmer or metallic on both sides. Most of the metallic cardstock are betweens 80lb to 113lb. 

Size: 12” x 12”

Product description:

• Raw Silk Gold- Pastel gold linen. Iridescent pale gold. The texture of fine linen shirts.

• Jupiter- A flamenco dancer’s dress, metallic true red, satin heart-shaped candy boxes, red lacquer nail polish.

• Caspian- Metallic turquiose, caribbean waters, small boxes that hold jewelry.

• Ametrine- Lilac blooms, french lavender, iced purple.

• Bronze- Warm metallic brown, deep stained wood floors in burnished walnut, mahogany colored hair.

• Graphite- Gunmetal gray. Dark, wet slate

• Black Diamond- Iridescent black