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The Silhouette Punch Tool for Cameo 4 is available exclusively for the Silhouette Cameo® 4. 

With the Punch Tool for Cameo 4 allows you to punch weeding points for your vinyl and heat transfer projects. When you insert the Punch Tool into the Cameo 4, the software will prompt you to choose whether you want to weed the negative space (like for a vinyl decal) or the positive space (like for a stencil). Your Punch Tool (Cameo 4) will then go and create weeding points to make weeding vinyl or heat transfer easier for you once the cutting process is completed and you're ready to weed your material.

  • Blade Material: Tungsten carbide
  • Adjustment Method: None 
  • Punch Depth: 0.8 mm

For use in punching:

Compatible Machines: